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SarahTalk - Critical - Political - LGBT Positive

Jul 16, 2018

This week on SarahTalk...

  • Scarlett Johannson Withdraws From Trans Male Role
  • Maine Legislature Passes Conversion Therapy Ban, Vetoed by Governor
  • Rep. Joseph Kennedy & Sen. Edward Markey File "Gay and Trans Panic Defense Prohibition Act"
  • US House Appropriations Committee Passes Amendment Allowing Religious Objection in...

Jul 15, 2018

This week we have a special bonus episode with our friend Evan! Evan's mom Morgan was a Guest on SarahTalk waaaaaay back at the beginning in Episode 9 (Jan 2016) where her then-identified daughter was starting to become more and more adamant that he didn't feel like a girl on the inside.  At the time, Morgan was...

Jul 9, 2018

This week on SarahTalk...

Mandy drops by to celebrate 3 Years of SarahTalk!
In the news...
  • #SecondCivilWarLetters
  • Sarah's Planned Parenthood Experience
  • Ohio House Bill 658
  • Christians With "I'm Sorry" Signs - Is that good enough?

Jul 2, 2018

This week on SarahTalk… Joseph Richardson, local atheist activist, talks about challenges with local city officials accepting secular invocations and

Jun 25, 2018

This week on SarahTalk… For nearly 25 years Tim Rymel served as a minister in the evangelical Christian Church. In