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SarahTalk Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

This Week on SarahTalk... 

The nation is still Feelin the Bern, Billionaire asshole Michael Bloomberg feels Liz Warren's burn, and Joe Biden still needs to go away already.  Sarah & Becca live-watch and commentary the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas.

Feb 23, 2020

Taylor Aguilera is (among a whole bunch of other amazing things) one of the founders of Equality Polk, an organization working to pass local human rights ordinances in Polk County, Florida.

Get involved by joining the EQPolk Facebook Group and attend the next...

Feb 10, 2020

This Week on SarahTalk... 

Sarah was invited to participate in a faith leaders panel discussing faith and sex with the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Alliance of Polk, Highlands and Hardee.  It was ... interesting.  We discuss the event, then we join the New Hampshire Democratic Primary Debate in-progress.