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SarahTalk Podcast

Sep 10, 2018

This week on SarahTalk...

  • Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings
  • #PlaidShirtGuy2020
  • Dee Whigham, Trans Woman, Stabbed 119 Times by Former US Navy Sailor
  • "Move or Die" Threat Graffiti on Florida Trans Person's Garage Door
  • City of Boston Decision to Deny Christian Flag Flown at City Hall Upheld by Court
  • SCOTUS Declines to Hear Philadelphia Catholic Adoption Agency Discrimination Appeal
  • Lori Bakker: If Christian Is A Mental Illness, They Will Lock Us All Up! [VIDEO]
  • Alex Jones Banned From Everything, Still Has Own Website Tho
  • Alex Jones Interrupts Marco Rubio Press Gaggle [VIDEO]
  • Goop Settles Lawsuit: Product Claims Not Supported by Science
  • A Florida Man