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SarahTalk Podcast

Sep 17, 2018

Sarah's a bit depressed so hopefully this "good news" episode will give us all a much needed laugh.

  • Pat Robertson Fails to Pray Away Hurricane Florence
  • Kat Kerr, Self-Proclaimed Prophetess and Weather Warrior ALSO Fails To Pray Away Hurricane Florence
  • Jim Carrey on Bill Maher:  Support for Nike, Colin Kaepernick, Socialized Healthcare, etc.
  • Missouri Rep. Billy Long Auctioneers a Protester Into Silence At House Energy & Commerce Committee w/ Twitter's Jack Dorsey
  • Good News!  Evan (ST:009, ST:073, ST:Evan Show) Went To Court And Legally Changed His Name!
  • Good News!  Marissa Alexa McCool's Shiny New Science Vagina
  • Barack Obama Speech @ University of Illinois
  • A Florida Man