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SarahTalk Podcast

Dec 17, 2018

This week on SarahTalk... 

Rick Marazzani is the creator of the Atheist Christmas Coloring Book.  We talk about his experience with religion and awakening, how the coloring book came to be, and more! 

Visit to learn more, get links to Amazon to purchase or print out your favorite pages!  Buy one for you and one for a friend and use code GIFTBOOK18 at Amazon for $5 off your $20 purchase. 

In the News 

  • War On Christmas:  United States Air Force Commander Forces Muslim to Dress as Santa Claus as Base Christmas Party
  • US Air Force Base in Qatar Thanksgiving Cake Featured Bible Verses
  • California School Superintendent Resigns After 2016 Sermon Attacking LGBT Students in Yearbook Surfaces
  • Virginia High School Teacher Terminated for Refusing to Use Transgender Student's Pronouns
  • Former Pastor and Private School Principal in North Carolina Plead Guilty to Sexual Abuse of Minor Student/Congregant
  • North Carolina Pastor Arrested for Sexual Assault of Three Minor Children
  • Star Telegram's Investigation Detailing Hundreds of Sexual Abuse Allegations in US Fundamental Baptist Churches
  • Florida State Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez Introduces Senate Bill 84 (2019) To Ban Conversion Therapy for LGBT Minors
  • Florida Man