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SarahTalk Podcast

Dec 25, 2018

This week on SarahTalk...

Sarah & Becca are back live this week.  Christmas is coming, the parents are here, we spent two days making loads of Christmas candy and driving around to see the lights.  We're happy to be back, needless to say!

In the News

  • Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch Farewell Speech:  Faith Communities Need to Play Nice with LGBT Rights
  • Kansas State Lawmakers Jump the Sinking Republican Ship
  • West Virginia High School Asst Principal Allegedly Told Trans Boy "Come out here and use the urinal" and "You freak me out."
  • Detroit Baptist Pastor Albert Weathers Charged with Murder of Kelly Stough, 36-Year-Old Trans Woman
  • Miami Church Operating Private For-Profit School Since 2008 Hit With $7.1 Million Tax Bill
  • War on Christmas
    • Diana Rowling's Christmas Dragon Display Ires Grinchy Christian Neighbor
    • Fox News Faux Outrage Over Non-Binary Gingerbread People and Gender Neutral Santa
  • Florida Man