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SarahTalk Podcast

Sep 3, 2018

This week on SarahTalk...

  • Florida Midterm Primary Results, Wins & Disappointments (Dr. Sheryl Cohn, Andrew Learned, Kala Tedder, Bob Doyel, etc.)
  • Articulate Andrew Gillum v Racist Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor
    • "Monkey it up"
    • Neo-Nazi Group Making Racist Robocalls
  • Shooting at Madden NFL Tournament in Jacksonville
  • 9 y/0 Denver Boy Commits Suicide 4 Days After Coming Out at School
  • California Passes Resolution: Intersex Children Should be Celebrated, No More Medically Unnecessary Surgeries
  • Tennessee Man Writes Letter to White Supremacist Group While in Prison: The Bible Is For Whites, Also, I Killed A Black Man
  • Trump Tells Evangelical Leaders They Have To Promote Electing Republicans Or Lose Everything They've Gained; Lies About Repealing Johnson Amendment
  • Reverend Named in Pennsylvania Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse & Coverup Report Found in Orlando, Florida Dioceses Has Been Removed From Ministry
  • Will Florida Investigate Catholic Church, Too?
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan Parents Charged with Felony Murder, First Degree Child Abuse After Their Daughter Died Due to Refusal of Medical Treatment on Religious Grounds
  • Washington Man Decapitated Girlfriend in Front of 3 y/o When "God Told Him To Strike Her Down Because She Did Not Repent"
  • Oregon Man Filed Lawsuit Against Construction Employer For Forcing Workers To Attend Weekly Bible Study
  • A Florida Man